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Elisa Audi

When talking about Elisa Audi, it's difficult to find words to describe her, as she is such a unique artist: her identity is extremely perceptible in her sounds, presentations and her high level of sensitivity makes her entire creation deeply legitimate. Elisa surrenders to the music and does everything with all her truth, being it happy and light or sad and heavy.
Her aesthetics is to have no aesthetics at all, but to be faithful to what she is feeling at the time of her creation, thus making her an authentic artist.
Creative and very original, Elisa Audi brings in her solo project a contagious atmosphere with
sounds that move between techno, electro, house and instill indescribable sensations.
He has already participated in events such as the Urban Activation Festival (Rio de Janeiro), D.Edge Club (São Paulo) and Under Division (São Paulo), and had releases on Hotstage Records and Native Wolf Records. Pianist for over a decade, in addition to his solo career, he has a musical project in partnership with bassist Krys Freitas. Titled "Red Mandala", which will be released soon.

Image by JoelValve

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