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Pedro Otavio chose the pseudonym Adalu to represent him in his artistic journey. All because "Adalu" means "mixture" in Yoruba, referring to the influence of his African roots in the musical and religious spheres of life.
Learning to DJ with one of the first DJs in Brazil, the respected Grand Master Ney, it was on vinyl that Adalu took his first steps as a DJ.
His musical references are wide but always focused on valuing black culture.
In music production, Adalu is self-taught and has been performing for years in a live format, focused on techno and house full of timbres and Afro elements.
In addition, he is co-founder of the projects Aurora and PSICO.TRóPICA, one of the first underground parties in Santos (São Paulo's coastal) and also he is one of the names behind the Primeiros Negros project, an ancestral file of pioneering actions that leverage the voice and self-image of black people.

Image by JoelValve

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