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Bruno Afterall

Bruno Amaral is a self-taught musician, producer and DJ. Known for promoting one of the most respected after hours of the Belo Horizonte's electronic scene, its first release, by Curral Records, reverberates with positive repercussions, already hitting Spotify's editorial playlists. In addition to his electronic music project focused on House Music (Bruno Afterall), his research and production universe also dialogues with other artistic manifestations, having signed soundtracks for cinema and audiovisual installations of contemporary art.
Today, his universe of musical research is wide, but on the dancefloor, he is committed to the underground, with a focus on House, Tech and Minimal, also crossing the expressive influences of psytrance. In turn, the deepening of diverse sounds is launched above all to Jazz and Afro-Brazilian rhythms.

Image by JoelValve

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